Axel and Betty

We can proudly present Axel and Betty. This outlaw country duo is a true fairytale lovestory, Axel and Betty met […]


BootFest is proud to present our first artist for 2023: – BOUND BY LAW – Story How does it feel […]

Awesome artist!

We put together a Spotify play list for you a to enjoy. Featuring, Mo’s Granted, Fat Moon, The Gallows dance […]

Proud to Announce

BootFest 2022 is proud to announce ROB COFFINSHAKER! Rob Coffinshaker begun his career in metal band Gehennah and horror country […]

Bootfest certificates

Beer and Booze

Today we did it! We made the tests and passed, we got the permit to serve alcohol, Beer, booze and […]

The Gallows Dance

We have the great pleasure of presenting our third band for Bootfest 2022 ! From our dear neighbors Finland, we […]