Rob Coffinshaker begun his career in metal band Gehennah and horror country band The Coffinshakers in the early ’90’s. With a deep baritone voice his solo work is in the folk/country tradition leaning towards darker themes like murder ballads and lost love, both own material and covers reflecting his influences.


Live at the Cemetary EP 7”, Primitive Art Records 2001.

Fairytales From the Dungeon EP 7”, Primitive Art Records 2003. Dark Rollin’ Skies EP 7”, Lightning Records 2011. Whispers Through the Black Veil (var. artists) LP, Wyrdwar 2014.

We Are the Undead LP, Primitive Art Records 1998.

The Coffinshakers LP, Cobra Records 2007. The Curse of the Coffinshakers 4-LP BOX, Svart Records 2022.

Hardrocker LP, Primitive Art Records 1995. King of the Sidewalk LP, Osmose Productions 1996. Decibel Rebel LP, Osmose Productions 1997. Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die LP, Metal Blade 2016.

Ashes of Life LP, Critical Mass 2020.


The Gallows Dance

Murder ballads, occult folk, melancholic duets, dark roots and black humour. The Gallows Dance brings old folk songs back to life, and nourishes the tradition of story-telling with their death and sorrow themed tales, spiced with an oddly cheerful twist. The gloomy atmosphere is combined with rattling chains, twangy banjo, screaming guitar, harmonica, and songs that are guaranteed to make your feet stomp the floor. Dark female vocals, varying from angelic to demonic, are occasionally accompanied by deep, resonant male voice.

In addition to frequent gigs throughout southern Finland, the band has also performed in Germany, and shared the stage with Jayke Orvis. The quickly sold out debut EP released in early 2019 was followed up with a full length album “Songs for the Godless” in late summer 2021.

The Gallows Dance are:

Neme – vocals, chain
Kaarlo – guitar, vocals, harmonica and bass
Riina – guitar, banjo
Antti – percussions
Neva – bass

The Gallows Dance live performance works well from smaller coffee shops to bigger bar venues. As long as the audience has room to move, since the shows will make them loose the noose and put on their dancing shoes.

The Gallows Dance was founded in 2017 in Kouvola, Finland.

The Gallows Dance



Fat Moon

Fat Moon is a 6 piece band that mixes 60s garage, punk with a twist of bluegrass/country and blues. It´s a swedish band that have two hometowns, Gothenburg and Stockholm. The band started under the pandemic.

“Fat Moon’s Coming Home is a great song. So good in fact, that you won’t believe nobody else got to it first. Fat Moon make use of country and punk elements. But, they don’t use them as militants of the genre. They’re not fanatics. They’re just musicians who have an ear for what sounds good, rousing, dark and celebratory. Fat Moon will be worth keeping tabs on. In a world full of Misfits cover bands, they might just help push horror-punk forward.”

– Review from Eduard Banulescu at



Mo’s Granted

Fantastisk akustisk Bluegrass, blues, jazz och folk i en högoktanig blandning. Mo’s Granted bjuder på en explosiv mix av eget och andras material – banjo, hjärta och smärta och en sång som får en gråsten att börja stampa takten.

Josy Justice and the Jolly Jailbirds

When Josefin met Jonathan, a love spell was cast. Little did they know how long this summer crush would last.

There began a story that will take us to today. Of two struggling musicians on their bumpy road to fame.

There´s so much left to tell you, but put in fewer words…

We are Josy Justice and the Jolly Jailbirds.

8 years on the highway and their journey´s still not over

But playing at the BootFest might just take them one step closer

Josy Justice and the Jolly Jailbirds consists of the singer Josefin Zack Jäderberg (Josy Justice) and drummer Jonathan Weinesjö. Together with their friends they aim to bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere with their music.

With different musical backgrounds in Pop, Jazz and Heavy Metal they are exited to interpret some old classics and newer country songs with their own personal touch. Josy Justice and the Jolly Jailbirds will give you the experience of a lokal corner pub in central London. They can’t wait to share their passion for music with you!”

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