Proud to introduce the fourth band of BootFest 2022, Josy Justice and the Jolly Jailbirds! Josy is already a part of the BootFest family by association. Her old man was raising hell with me during my younger days.

“When Josefin met Jonathan, a love spell was cast. Little did they know how long this summer crush would last.

There began a story that will take us to today. Of two struggling musicians on their bumpy road to fame.

There´s so much left to tell you, but put in fewer words…

We are Josy Justice and the Jolly Jailbirds.

8 years on the highway and their journey´s still not over

But playing at the Boot Fest might just take them one step closer

Josy Justice and the Jolly Jailbirds consists of the singer Josefin Zack Jäderberg (Josy Justice) and drummer Jonathan Weinesjö. Together with their friends they aim to bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere with their music.

With different musical backgrounds in Pop, Jazz and Heavy Metal they are exited to interpret some old classics and newer country songs with their own personal touch. Josy Justice and the Jolly Jailbirds will give you the experience of a lokal corner pub in central London. They can’t wait to share their passion for music with you!”

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