We have the great pleasure of presenting our third band for Bootfest 2022 !

From our dear neighbors Finland, we give you:

The Gallows Dance !

Murder ballads, occult folk, melancholic duets, dark roots and black humour. The Gallows Dance brings old folk songs back to life, and nourishes the tradition of story-telling with their death and sorrow themed tales, spiced with an oddly cheerful twist. The gloomy atmosphere is combined with rattling chains, twangy banjo, screaming guitar, harmonica, and songs that are guaranteed to make your feet stomp the floor. Dark female vocals, varying from angelic to demonic, are occasionally accompanied by deep, resonant male voice.

In addition to frequent gigs throughout southern Finland, the band has also performed in Germany, and shared the stage with Jayke Orvis. The quickly sold out debut EP released in early 2019 was followed up with a full length album “Songs for the Godless” in late summer 2021.

The Gallows Dance are:

Neme – vocals, chain

Kaarlo – guitar, vocals, harmonica and bass

Riina – guitar, banjo

Antti – percussions

Neva – bass

The Gallows Dance live performance works well from smaller coffee shops to bigger bar venues. As long as the audience has room to move, since the shows will make them loose the noose and put on their dancing shoes.

The Gallows Dance was founded in 2017 in Kouvola, Finland.



Puh 045 636 2691 / Riina Laihomäki




The Gallows Dance