Som vi tidigare skrev så har vi en riktigt härlig blandning av stilar. precis som vi vill ha det!

Med högt tempo och ett jävla drag kan vi nu presentera 6 sköna musiker i bandet:

Fat Moon!

Fat Moon is a 6 piece band that mixes 60s garage, punk with a twist of bluegrass/country and blues. It´s a swedish band that have two hometowns, Gothenburg and Stockholm. The band started under the pandemic.

“Fat Moon’s Coming Home is a great song. So good in fact, that you won’t believe nobody else got to it first. Fat Moon make use of country and punk elements. But, they don’t use them as militants of the genre. They’re not fanatics. They’re just musicians who have an ear for what sounds good, rousing, dark and celebratory. Fat Moon will be worth keeping tabs on. In a world full of Misfits cover bands, they might just help push horror-punk forward. “

– Review from Eduard Banulescu at