This machine of a band grants us with there presence on there 10 year’s anniversary tour, before heading off to the mother of all roots festivals “Muddy Roots Tennessee”

Moonshine Wagon is a high-speed heavy bluegrass band from the Basque Country, North of Spain.

They mix fast bluegrass and acoustic punk with a fiddle, acoustic guitar, banjo, double bass and a snare.

Moonshine Wagon was formed in Vitoria (Basque Country, Spain) in 2013 by Goiatz Dutto

They are always on tour since 2013 traveling in their motorhome (the “Wagon”) all over the world doing what they like the most.

They’ve played more than 1000 gigs in 6 years in Europe and America.

”These Hispanic Hellgrass hombres stir up old-time into a frenzied mix of cow-punk hoedown. Double-bass, fiddle, banjo and guitar, layered with Basque infused English, giving a unique vocal style that forces the listener to hoof out and holler!!”

[Folk and Honey]

Moonshine Wagon is:

•Goiatz Dutto: Violin, mandolin, voice •Lander Lourido: Guitar, voice

•David „Dagda“ Sánchez: Banjo, violin, bouzouki, voice

•Víctor Gabriel Martín: Double bass